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Dave's Kitfox Lite getting it's wings!  4-12-13

Dave Wigglesworth's Kitfox Lite is coming along nicely.  The fuse is at airport and the wings are in the "Skunk Works" garage at Kevin Pratt house.  The wings should be ready for silver in a couple more weeks, and Dave hopes to have the airplane ready to show off at our chapter Fly-In in at the end of June.  As you can see from the pictures below, Dave is enjoying himself and learnig alot about fabric work along the way.  And it's looking pretty darn good too! 
Dave smooths the wrikles in the wing bottom skin
Aluminum reinforcement plates around strut attachments
New Luscombe joins Luscombe joins "Luscombe Airforce"

Kevin Pratt's new Luscombe 8A made it home this past week from Mt. Pleaseant Texas where he met up with the previous owner, who brought it up from Corpus Christi.  Kevin, John Ostmyer, Roy Shelton, and Bob Gandy all went to Texas to get the little bird.  Kevin was there to deliver Staggerwing parts to Scott Glover the Staggerwings new owner.  Jerry Gipper met up with us there while on his way to Sun and Fun.  We looked the Luscombe over and decided it was a good one and the deal was finished.  
This 8A has back windows, 2 wing tanks, hat shelf, microlite radios, and original aluminum wheel pants. Kinda rare for an 8a.  The wing tanks are a factory conversion in 1962.  Johnny O and Kevin flew her back last Mondy and she ran like a top, and flew like an angle.  I think we got a good one!
Johnny O (Ostmyer) at the controls of the 8A somewhere over Oklahoma.  I see from his smile that he is a Luscombe convert!
"resistance is futile"

While this band of merry men from Gardner were at Mt. Pleaseant, we were treated to the fantastic hospitality of Scott Glover and his "band of merry men.  Scott friend Andrew, and Brother Franky.  Scott has a small airforce of his own including a 1941 Locheed Loadstar L18, Stinson SM8A, Travelair 4000, SNJ (T6), Howard DGA that used to belong to Carol Shelby, RV4, 2 Bird Dogs, and many others.  Blow is a picture of the back of Andrew's head as we went around in one of many rolls.  Andrew is quite an accomplished pilot, and a genuine nice guy.
Below John Ostmyer in my old Staggerwing in formation with Scott Glover in the SNJ, and Andrew Kiest and I in the RV4 fly formation over the lake in Mt. Pleasant.  What a way to spend the afternoon, and a good warm up for John and I to prepair us for the monster that is the Luscombe 8A.
Above:  Saturday night after Scott had already flown another Loadstar (Howard 250 conversion) from Las Vegas to Mt. Pleasant, we all loaded up in his 1941 L18 Loadstar below, and 11 of us flew to Shreveport, LA for dinner on the Boardwalk at the Saw Grass Grill.  After a great steak dinner we returned to Mt. Pleasant.
Above: John and I departed for home on Sunday evening, but got socked in at Hugo, OK for 3 hours.  Fog lifted and we made it as far as Tulsa's riverside airport where we put the bird in Christenson Jet Inc's hangar for the night, and John and I went for drinks and dinner with a friend he knew in town.
Right:  John and I at dinner.... let the games begin!  :)  

We had a great night, and thank god we had low ceilings and fog the next morning.  It wasn't until 4:30 Monday afternoon that we were able to get airborn again and headed for Gardner.
Left: At last at 6:00 we were back at our beloved K34.  All in all it was one of the best weekends I've ever had.  Great company, great airplanes, and I brought home a new Luscombe that appears to be a good one.  I was with some great VAA 16'ers like Bob Gandy who I think was actually on cloud nine, and in rare form.  Johnny O. got to fly a Howard DGA, the Staggerwing, and an SNJ all in 24 hrs, and oh ya........his first time in a Luscombe!  Roy, as well as the rest of us got to take a dinner cruise like we will probably never see again.  I think it will be weeks before the grin leaves our faces.  The Mt. Pleasant Texas gang are some of the nices airplane people I have ever met, and I've met a bunch.  Thank you guys!
Vintage Flying Club LLC                    4-12-2013

I have been informed that the "Vintage Flying Club" that is an affiliated group to VAA 16, has officially been incorporated and formed.  As of now the flying club is taking applications for memership.

Club membership is in effect ownership in the club, and affords you the ability (after check out) to fly a 1946 Funk the club leases from VAA Chapter 16.  Other aircraft will be added as funds allow, and a light sport is top on the list.  Membership is a one time fee of I believe $100.00, and a monthly fee of $50.00 to cover insurance, hangar etc., and the aircraft is $25.00 per hour (dry). 

This is a great way for people who don't want the expense of owning their own airplane, but still want to fly something other than the normal rental fleet of 172 or 150 cessnas.  And once the club adds a light sport, then a whole other group would be able to enjoy this club.  I mean, where can you rent an antique airplane for $25.00 plus fuel?

There are only 10 membership spots initally available due to insurance restrictions.  So if this type of flying arrangement fits your needs, give Steve Zimmerman, Bob Anderson, or Ron Wright a call.  If you don't have their numbers, you can drop me an email at or Bob Andersn at
Bob and the Skyblazer Vagabond            4-17-13

Long  long ago, in a galazy far far away, there was Piper Vagabond that belonged to, and was restored by 3 very young men!   One of these "three amigos " chapter 16's very own Bob Gandy.  Way back in 1972, a local aviation magazine did an article about the little Vagabond and Bob sent us a copy.  Click the picture below to open it and Enjoy.
Dick Schauble and the VAA 16 gang at K34.  KCTV 5 did a piece on the event.  Click here to see it
Dick with Jerry Gippner in Jerry's C175
Dan Malin and Dick in Dick's old Interstate, that now belongs to Dan, on Dick's 100th Birthday
Bob Gandy's Luscombe 8A                    5/25/13

Our chapter member and all around good guy Bob Gandy is hard at work on his 1946 Luscombe 8A.  Bob has owned the Luscombe for many years, and like many of us, kid, work, and life in general slowed the completion of the restoration.  But, kids grow, work gets better, and life gives you more time and next thing you know.......yur workin on a Luscombe!

Over the last couple of months Bob has really kicked it into high gear, and it appears that ol NC45544 may take to the air once againg this summer.  Unfortunately I do not believe it will make Blakesburg on this "THE YEAR OF THE LUSCOMBE"  when Luscombes are the featured aircraft.  Here are some pics of Bob's luscombe firewall that he is currently plumbing in preparation of hanging the Continental A65 that should be ready in a week or so.

Dick Schauble turns 102                     5/4/2013

Past member Dick Shoauble turned 102 this past week, and to celebrate chapter 16 arrange to take Dick for an airplane ride.   

In the 1950's Dick ran an aviation mechanics school in Kansas City and was an avid vintage and antique airplane nut.  His school taught the finer points of wrench turning to the likes of our own Dale Rose.  At the time he owned the 1941 Interstate Cadet that is now owed by chapter member Dan Malin.  Dan tool Dick for a ride in the Interstate 2 years ago on Dick's 100th birthday, but we couldn't quite fold the old boy up enough to get him in it this time, so Gippner took him in the Cessna 175.

Best of Wishes to Dick, what a milestone!
Click image 
for larger 

​Bob Gandy                                                  6/2/13

Dear Members,

It is with great sadness that I must again inform the membership of the death of a fellow member, and good friend. Bob Gandy passed away at home this afternoon while mowing his lawn from an apparent heart attack. Bob was a long time aviation enthusiast, restoring a Piper Vagabond in the 1970s with 2 of his close friends, while still in college. Bob had been a member of the local IAC chapter and worked with his wife Susan as officials during several aerobatic competitions over the years. Bob and Susan have for many years been active members of Vintage Chapter 16. They both have worked the food area during our Fly-in for several years, and have added their enthusiasm to every aspect of our group. Bob was an avid Luscombe 8A owner and fan, helping to convince yours truly to take the plunge into Luscombe ownership. Bob was restoring a polished 8A, and was only about 30-60 days away from it's first flight after 10+ years of being earthbound. He was nice, funny, and a good guy, and he was our friend! I will miss him. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Susan, and their children.

Our membership is growing older. As mostly male, and all pilots, we tend to shy away from going to the doctor for fear of what it may do to our medical, or as men we just don't go to the doctor because we don't want to know if there's a problem. Well guys....I do not like writing these emails about another friend passing. My buddy Dick Michael, Walt Calkins, and now Bob. All these might have been avoidable if they would have had their hearts checked out. Like I said, we are growing older guys, heart issues are the #1 killer of us old farts. So go, have your heart health checked out. See how much blockage you have (in any). Eat better.....the fries at Blazer Burger are not your friend. Salt, is not good for you either, so CUT DOWN on it. Exercise....get out and walk. Walk to the pilots lounge instead of driving! Please guys...I'm asking nice. Take care of your self. Let's make our buddy Bob's passing be the last one for a long time.

Kevin Pratt
 Vaa 16

First Flight for Kitfox Lite                           7/6/13

Dave Wigglesworth's 1999 Skystar Kitfox Lite kit....took to the air Saturday for the first time.  Dave's bird is the latest edition of 3 chapter aircraft to leave Kevin Pratt's garage, what we have come to call "The Skunk Works".  The first flight duty was carried out by own John Ostmeyer just mins before the off and on rain was on again.  John was having one of his great hangar parties so it was really a great night at the airport.
John reports the Kitfox flys great.  Light on controls, yet well balanced.  Airspeed seems to be high at 63mph climb.
Proud owner,Dave Wigglesworth along with Test Pilot John Ostmeyer.  And skunkworks director Kevin
Pratt pose infront of the new edition.  Left, John gives the "thumbs up" to photographer John McCullagh of Check Six photography.  John took all these great photos of the occation.