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Aeronca 1941 Super Chief CA 65 project                                1/24/21


Last year our chapter was given this project by an EAA chapter in Arkansas.  Their chapter was not interested in a restoration project at the time, so off to us it went.   Ron Myer, aka Choo choo went down to get the project, and to our amazement, it was very complete, and in good overall shape.  Because this project was the better and more antique of the three current aircraft projects we had, the decision was made to sell all the other projects and concentrate on the Super Chief.  


Although the Chief project arrived to us in late 2019, the chapter was deeply involved and committed to the meeting room addition to the chapter hangar.  Then in 2020 of course, covid hit the seen just about the time we would be getting started on the restoration.  We are hoping to be starting once the pandemic slows this summer.

Our particular 65 CA Chief has been down for restoration since at least 1966.  Being a deluxe model Chief it had side windows, and the deluxe interior package including a very ornate instrument panel that will have to be  reproduced.  It cam with brand new wings, and wood bulkheads and stringers for the fuselage.  We have a treasure of blue prints, and factory information on this little 1941 Chief.  It is the intent of the Chapter to restore it to it's original factory condition in all aspects that are safe and practical.  

Once it's deemed safe to do so, we will be starting back up the Thursday night "Skunk Works" work secessions at the chapter hangar, with the first order of business being getting the wings and fuse ready for covering.  If you feel like helping out, come on by.  We'll keep everyone posted on when that can start.

Kevin Pratt

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