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Flying Club 



Did you know that VAA Ch. 16 has an affiliated flying club? 


The Vintage Flying Club Inc. operates a 1946 Funk on behalf of the flying club members. 


Membership is easy and very affordable:

$100.00 One time fee to join

$50.00 per month dues

$25.00 per operating hr (dry)

(Must be a current VAA 16 chapter member in good standing)


This is one of the most affordable ways to fly, not to mention the opportunity to fly an iconic vintage aircraft. We have room for five members total, with two memberships still available. We need at least three members to keep our little Funk's club viable. So if you're in between airplanes, don't want the expense of your own bird, or just want to fly a vintage aircraft, contact the president of the flying club below for more information or to set up a checkout.


Bob Anderson


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