Hangar Expansion


One of our organization's stated goals is "Preservation and Maintenance of Vintage Aircraft". This goal is impossible to attain without a permanent home.  To this end, we have started our "Build-a-Hangar Campaign".


We have built a 48x60 foot hangar (phase I) seen below at Gardner Municipal Airport. A facility like this comes with quite a price tag, and will require many donated materials, labor and cash donations. We began construction in the spring of 2013.


This 1st phase seen above is just that, the 1st phase. The next phase is the addition of another 52x60 foot space that is slated to start in July 2017, and later a 30x40 foot extension on the left side of the building in the view above.  This extension is to house local aviation artifacts, memorabilia, books and more in a library museum available to chapter members and the public. The additional hangar space will house current chapter projects.


Your donation can help the dream of the Kansas City Aviation History Museum's Hangar 16 come true!  You see in the picture above what can be done when a group puts it's mind to it.  Come join the fun, and lets get phase II completed by the end of 2015!  VAA 16 is a 501c3 corporation.


We really appreciate your support.

Ron Sipple

VAA16 President



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