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Dick Schauble turns 102

Past member Dick Shoauble turned 102 this past week, and to celebrate chapter 16 arrange to take Dick for an airplane ride.

In the 1950's Dick ran an aviation mechanics school in Kansas City and was an avid vintage and antique airplane nut. His school taught the finer points of wrench turning to the likes of our own Dale Rose. At the time he owned the 1941 Interstate Cadet that is now owed by chapter member Dan Malin. Dan tool Dick for a ride in the Interstate 2 years ago on Dick's 100th birthday, but we couldn't quite fold the old boy up enough to get him in it this time, so Gippner took him in the Cessna 175.

Best of Wishes to Dick, what a milestone!

Dan Malin and Dick in Dick's old Interstate, that now belongs to Dan, on Dick's 100th Birthday

Dick with Jerry Gippner in Jerry's C175

Dick Schauble and the VAA 16 gang at K34. KCTV 5 did a piece on the event. Click here to see it

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