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Bob Gandy

Dear Members,

It is with great sadness that I must again inform the membership of the death of a fellow member, and good friend. Bob Gandy passed away at home this afternoon while mowing his lawn from an apparent heart attack. Bob was a long time aviation enthusiast, restoring a Piper Vagabond in the 1970s with 2 of his close friends, while still in college. Bob had been a member of the local IAC chapter and worked with his wife Susan as officials during several aerobatic competitions over the years. Bob and Susan have for many years been active members of Vintage Chapter 16. They both have worked the food area during our Fly-in for several years, and have added their enthusiasm to every aspect of our group. Bob was an avid Luscombe 8A owner and fan, helping to convince yours truly to take the plunge into Luscombe ownership. Bob was restoring a polished 8A, and was only about 30-60 days away from it's first flight after 10+ years of being earthbound. He was nice, funny, and a good guy, and he was our friend! I will miss him. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Susan, and their children.

Our membership is growing older. As mostly male, and all pilots, we tend to shy away from going to the doctor for fear of what it may do to our medical, or as men we just don't go to the doctor because we don't want to know if there's a problem. Well guys....I do not like writing these emails about another friend passing. My buddy Dick Michael, Walt Calkins, and now Bob. All these might have been avoidable if they would have had their hearts checked out. Like I said, we are growing older guys, heart issues are the #1 killer of us old farts. So go, have your heart health checked out. See how much blockage you have (in any). Eat better.....the fries at Blazer Burger are not your friend. Salt, is not good for you either, so CUT DOWN on it. Exercise....get out and walk. Walk to the pilots lounge instead of driving! Please guys...I'm asking nice. Take care of your self. Let's make our buddy Bob's passing be the last one for a long time.

Kevin Pratt


Vaa 16


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