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Airport Board Change

As of this writing Lanny Turner has been replaced by Ray Doerr on the Gardner Airport Board. Nobody seems to know exactly what is going on with the board changes, but my assumption would be that the new city administration believes that the board should change every few years to keep new blood coming in. I hear tell that there may be another board seat changing soon but I do not know which one.

Hopefully the new members will be airplane folks and friendly to the idea that Gardner Airport is better as a small friendly airport, then it would be as a Johnson County Exec type of airport. Gardner is special because of the people that fly here, and spend time here. Because of the John Krekovich, Swander, Dan Malin, Dale Rose, just to name a few. Because of the aircraft there.....Waco UEC, Monocoupe 90A, Luscombes, Cessnas, Stinsons. Because of the group VAA 16 Fly-in, Johnny O hangar parties, and the many cookouts and flights to Miami County for the 50 dollar BBQ.

I wonder if people understand how unusual and magical a place K34 is? I grew up at Kansas City Suburban airpark. It was pretty magical in it's day, but Gardner is even better. With 3 runways, 2 of them could it be any better? Oh, a chapter hangar might do it! But I digress. To Ray and whom ever the other up for grab seat goes to.....try to be good caretakers of this little piece of aviation heaven! We understand there has to be updates and improvements from time to time, but Gardner International, or Johnson County Executive West it doesn't need to be. For now, I will remain optimistic. Just my 2 cents worth.

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