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Wendell Harkleroad

Ever noticed how sometimes the people you know or meet have a history that you had no idea they had? Case in point, when I found out Loy Hickman was a Gunner on a B-29, or that Ron Wright was not just a CAF Colonel, but an actual Colonel Ret. in the Army. Well this is somewhat the Case with our new memberWendell Harkleroad. Wendell joing our merry band early this spring, and has been happy to jump in any help at every event or happening including our Fly-in where he helped with parking aircraft.

In talking with Wendell over the last few months I found out he had given a talk about his flying career to the CAF at one of their meetings. Later speaking to Ron Wright I found out that it was a very interesting presentation haveing to do with his working with Air America and the CIA in Southeast Asia. I wont even try to go into it here as it is way above my ability to explain, but its safe to say it was very interesting.

Thank you Wendell for sharing you experiences with us!

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