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First Flight for Kitfox Lite

Dave Wigglesworth's 1999 Skystar Kitfox Lite kit....took to the air Saturday for the first time. Dave's bird is the latest edition of 3 chapter aircraft to leave Kevin Pratt's garage, what we have come to call "The Skunk Works". The first flight duty was carried out by own John Ostmeyer just mins before the off and on rain was on again. John was having one of his great hangar parties so it was really a great night at the airport.

John reports the Kitfox flys great. Light on controls, yet well balanced. Airspeed seems to be high at 63mph climb.

Proud owner,Dave Wigglesworth along with Test Pilot John Ostmeyer. And skunkworks director Kevin

Pratt pose infront of the new edition. Left, John gives the "thumbs up" to photographer John McCullagh of Check Six photography. John took all these great photos of the occation.

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