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Blakesburg 2013

The weather was a little hot this year with temps in the upper 90's for most of the week. A bunch of the Gardner gang went up in a gaggle early on Thursday morning, with 4 of us in Luscombes (the featured airplane this year). Cam Blazer flew his 1936 Monocoupe 90A, Ron Wright in his dad's old Funk (now belonging to the chapter). Ron flew it up, and his old partner Bob Anderson flew it back on Sunday. Jerry Gippner in his 1959 8F Luscombe (Lucile), Jerry Cobb in his '46 8A, Larry Jansen in his '46 8A, and your's truely in my '46 8A (Charlie). Gary Mitchell brought "Wiskey Girl" his Piper Cherokee, new members to the chapter Dave and Linda Meyer drove up due to their bird being down for annual. Dave Gleiter flew his beautiful Cessna 180 up for a day, and Dan Malin drove up with John Krekovich. And last but certainly not least, John Swander in his grand champ '32 Waco UEC.

At last count there were 70 Luscombes in attendance. There was even a big banquet for the Luscombe group on Saturday night at the the Hotel Ottumwa. The "Gardner Gang" and "Luscombe Mafia" well represented at the fly-in. All in all a great laid-back fly-in. I hope all that went enjoyed it, and will plan to attend again as a "Gardner gaggle"!

Tailwinds, (we had them each way....really!)

Link to McVicker Photography's Blakesburg Pictures


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