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Latest on our hangar (you all see the gravel pad) is that the carpenters may be as much as 2 weeks behind on getting started. ^&)%$)&)++&)%$##@!%*.............. I guess we came this far....a few more days won't kill us. Geeze!

CAF Food service

Two weeks ago many members of the chapter provided the food service for our close friends (family really) at the CAF Heart of America Wing Expo. I have never been so proud of this group as when I saw the team work, and can do spirit of those members. Our members have grown to 41 this year, and I can tell your that this is a moving, growing, and active group. To those members that helped (dam near all of our members), Thank you all so much. Your efforts brought more than $2,500.00 into the hangar fund, after paying for our new freezer and menu signs. I wish to extend a very special thanks to a resonably new member of our group, Dave Wigglesworth. Dave offered and gave the use of his Uhaul truck and himself from afternoon on Thursday, until late afternoon on Monday after the event. Without his truck we would not have been able to move everthing we needed to and from K34 and the stores. And he did this on his dime (fuel) as a donation. Dave is new to the group...but has sure become a vital, active member in a short time. So if you see Dave at the airport, tell him thanks!

Stearman Exitement

Today a Stearman PT-17 from Portland stopped in for fuel at K34. While attempting a landing on runway 26, the Stearman left the runway rolling toward the glider area and the parked gliders. Not wanting to hit them, the pilot applied brakes and over the 17 went on it's back. Nobody was hurt thank god, but the PT was not so lucky. Looks like from the attached picture that the normal tail , wing damage was sustained.

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