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Chapter Officer elections

Our By-laws require that new officers be elected every 2 years in the November prior to the end of the 2 yr term. In plain english....elections were at our November 8th meeting. Motions were made and duly seconded and voted on by the members present. Your new Officers and Directors are as follows.

Kevin Pratt - President

Dave Meyer - Vice President

Rony Myer - Secretary

Linda Meyer - Treasurer

Gary Mitchell - Membership Director

Cam Blazer - Chapter Speaker Liason

Diane Klemp - Fundraiser Director

Bob Anderson - Young Eagles Coordinator

Thanks to the membership that showed up for elections, and please welcome Dave Meyer, his wife Linda Meyer, as well as Diane Klemp (Randy's wife) as brand new Officers and Directors. Please give them your help and support.

Kevin Pratt

President VAA 16

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