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Champ and Wag-a-bond project moving along

Our band of Elves have been hard at work in Hangar 16 learning the art of welding from Marvin Story, hanging the engine on the Wag-a-bond, and assembling the second wing of the Champ. The FAA sent our registration for the Wag-a-bond and we now have the N number of "1616V" assigned to it. Over the next several weeks we hope to finish welding the Champ fuse, and actually run the Wag-a-bond's 0-235-c engine. I am very proud of these guys for staying with it, and doing nice work on both these projects! If anyone else wishes to get involved, just show up any Thursday evening at Hangar 16 and pick up a wrench.


#Champ #Wagabond

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