2015 Vintage Fly-In was maybe best ever

This years installment of our chapter's vintage fly-in may well be the best we ever had! Not only in terms of money that the chapter took in for our goals, but in almost any terms you want to look at. We had somewhere around 55 aircraft on the field, we fed approximately 50 folks Friday night at the potluck, and about 500 people for lunch Saturday. We served shrimp boil to 50 folks on saturday night, and had a spur-of-the-moment bean bag (bomb) drop. We sold an engine and about 50 t-shirts, and Dave Meyer, and Dan Camacho gave a few folks airplane rides. The weather was absolutely perfect despite the rain the night before that made airplane and car parking a challenge, but Gary and his ground crew made it work. I am so proud of how well our VAA 16 members worked together to put on a really great event for the community of pilots, and no-pilots alike. Thanks to all the volunteers!!!


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