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The future of our group is new pilots!

Our Chapter relies on new members in order to not only grow, but just to servive. New pilots that can be introduced to the unique fun ,and flying experience of the vintage airplanes. In this day in age it's difficult to get involved in vintage avaiation with the cost of learning to fly being so high, and avagas, parts, and maintainence cost always on the rise. So it's rare when you find people willing to take that plunge, and rarer yet when they are a young female. However, thats just the case with one of our newest members. Linda Meyer and her husband Dave joined our merry little group sometime in the last year, and have been very active every since. Dave got his private license first, and in a move that we would all envy, his wife started to get hers, , and this last month she took and passed her check ride. Linda and Dave own a Piper Tri-Pacer. Dave has his tailwheel endorsement, and Linda is wanting to get hers, so maybe a taildragger is in their future! Women are unfortunately a rariry around the airport, and licensed women are especially rare, so Linda is a welcome addition to our flying family. She not only tolerates airplanes and the airport, she enjoyes it, and wants to hone and inprove her skills by flying everything she can!.

Congrats to Linda Meyer, our newest aviatrix!

Kevin Pratt

President VAA 16

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