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January 2016 Chapter Meeting

For a cold January evening we had a large turnout for the chapter meeting around 25-30 came out. But it's no surprise people wanted to hear about Roger's experience winning the Air Force 1991 Gunsmoke Top Gun Award. Talk about some cool stories. If you missed it, Roger is always running around the airport. You should stop and ask him about his perfect runs at the competition to win by 1 point. Thanks Roger

The news items covered:

  • Hanger expansion - Cam and Bob are working on a master plan which will be a big help when we go to get the city permits to start building.

  • Water hookup - Thanks to Danny and Cam we now have a waterline at the chapter hanger which was a lot of work. Thank you

  • We have three donated airplanes we would like to sell to raise funds for the hanger expansion.

  • A Luscombe 8A - The Luscombe just needs an engine and it will be ready to fly.

  • Spezio Tueholer - The Spezio is about 80% complete. The workmanship is excellent.

  • Termite - From what we can tell it's a complete airplane which needs to be covered. We would be happy is someone just came and took it away. We could always use a donation to the chapter hint hint...

  • We would love to work on these planes and get them flying however we are out of space. Plus we are currently working on two projects. The Champ and Wag-a-Bond.

  • If you’re looking for a project or know of someone looking for a project let us know. Thank

Next month’s meeting 2/12 Bill Bradford will be talking about his Luscombe 10 that he built. Which is the only one is existence.


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